Tower Candles

Water Tower Candle
The historic stone tower in Ypsilanti, MI is not only an area landmark, but holds a place of quirky distinction and local pride.  It borders both Eastern Michigan University where I went to art school, and the Normal Park neighborhood where I live. This candle is offered in celebration of our beloved water tower – uniquely Ypsilanti.

The tower was designed by William R. Coats and completed in 1890. It sits atop the highest point in Ypsilanti. Made of Joliet limestone, the tower is almost 150 feet tall.  For more information about Ypsilanti’s historic stone tower, visit YCUA.

My Ypsilanti Water Tower Candle is 8.5” tall, and is made of paraffin wax. All candles are unscented. They are made using a 2-part silicone glove mold & plaster mold combination (see images below).
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Look for them locally at The Eyrie in Depot Town in Ypsilanti
(contact for current availability 734-340-9286)

Ypsilanti Water Tower Candle
Hand-Painted $35
(shipping included)

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 Ypsilanti Water Tower Candle
Unpainted  $25
(shipping included)

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Many Faced Candle
Game of Thrones Fan Art

The Many-Faced candle is a 5 sided design with 15 different faces. It stands about 7.5″ tall and is made of paraffin wax. The indented top gives good light transfer to the surface when lit, and also allows for the wick to be flattened to hold an electric tea light.

It was made by creating a model then applying silicone in layers to form a glove mold to hold detail. A plaster shell is added to keep overall shape. Candle is off-white and unscented. $35 (includes US shipping)

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 Bell Tower Candle
A prominent landmark and symbol of the University if Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mi, the Burton Memorial Tower and Baird Grand Carillon is commonly known as the Bell Tower. Rendered here as a hand made soy-blend candle. The Bell Tower Candle stands 10.5″ tall. I have many great memories of the tower from rallys and protests on the U of M diag, to a personal tour and concert played on the amazing carillon bells. Because of the unique shape of this candle, dripping may occur. Always place in a heat-safe plate or dish when burning. Burn time aprox 30 hours. Leading up to this I’ve created the original model, made a silicone glove mold and an outer shell.
Bell Tower Candle $30 (includes US Shipping)

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