Warrior no.5 & Tile Paintings

I love doing small paintings, and these are extra small. The tile paintings this time around are 5.75″ square. It’s the width of some pretty raw lumber I had available. There was lots of surface texture to begin with, and I applied a few heavy layers of gesso. The rough edges are are painted white.

Also finished up in this group is Warrior no.5, 7.75″ square

Liar, Liar Cranky Toy (of Russia)

The election season has inspired me to do a political version of my favorite crank toy fireplace. Made from an Altoids tin, wire, tinsel and a bead handle. A print of an original drawing has been laminated, cut and affixed to the front of the tin. It reads “LIAR,LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!” The back shows a short list of lies. If his lips are moving, then chances are those pantaloons are smoking. Laugh to keep from crying, but more importantly – VOTE.

Available on my Etsy page HERE

New Found Object Portraits

More fun with the tiny objects. This group includes two larger pieces that don’t have frame sample frames on them. Judy is my favorite – her smile is that of Judy Garland by way of a cookie tin. Pulling back, she is more of a Judy Jetson character. Happy-go-lucky fashion-forward space girl with time to kill. And so on.

Spinner Garland no.1

A new form for kinetic garden art. Spinner Garland is composed of 9 circles cut from a Michigan license plate and other printed metal. Each is suspended from a 5-foot black chain with a ball bearing swivel.

After trying many types of wind sculpture I found that this had the most movement. A light breeze will cause spin. Hooks at each end of the chain make hanging easy. Place between posts or trees, under the overhang of a deck or garage – anywhere outdoors or in semi-covered area that gets a breeze.

Available on Etsy

Warrior no.4

Continuing to explore the smaller figurative painting series. Holding the work during the process changes the experience a lot, as does the brevity. A little stenciling. With wood lattice frame, size is 8.25″ square.

~8″ sqr, acrylic on mdf