Artist Statement

There is a base connection we have to the human form, even in it’s generalized or abstracted states. Interest in this connection is what has caused most changes in how I approach images. I have opted for texture over detail as a way to describe the figure. I enjoy anonymity due to the way it encourages interpretation, and concealing the identity of figures and environments is an invitation to the viewer.

My work is about expression and interpretation. I seek to give the viewer options, and open up a visual dialogue between the figure and its abstracted environment. Bright, opposing colors stir the mix of figurative, natural and architectural elements. With form and color I seek to create an image that evolves and will have some life of its own, that over time remains enjoyable to look at. Art becomes memorable when people make their own connections with it. In my work I have sought to make these associations possible by creating starting points from which the viewer may play.

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