Curiously Strong Fireplace DIY

A fun seasonal project that may not require you to go out and buy a thing. Below is a video going through the process of making one of my favorite DIY Christmas gifts – the Mini Crank Fireplace. I’ve made lots of variations of this through the years, but the fireplace or camp fire is always a favorite. Careful if trying it for yourself – lots of sharp edges and points when cutting tin.

Some non-holiday themes have been burning hearts with found object collage on the top and recycling a greeting card of a huge cat over a city-scape to make “Kitty vs. City: Tin of Destruction”, even a refrigerator and giggling green jello salad! For the fireplace, I’ve used cards, vinyl “stone” floor tile, color prints and even celluclay (photo below) to make the hearth. In this video I choose to use a recycled greeting card and a campfire.

If a photo or print of some kind are used, you can make detachable items for the fireplace like stockings, a tree or garland with felt and attach a magnet strip. A little over-the-top, but so is Christmas. Enjoy!



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