Please touch the art.

At long last, I’m getting to an art/design project that’s been going through my head for years. A Busy Box is an interactive artwork that can be easily taken off the wall or picked up from a surface and played with. Two or more Busy Boxes = Busy Board. Think toddler’s sensory board – but for adults as an artwork. I’m excited to begin a group of different designs that will display well together and invite interaction.

busybox1bThis Busy Box is “Abstract Roller Disco”.  It changes as the viewer moves one of the four wooden rollers. For this piece, each roller is covered with a different section of canvas from an original abstract painting. Rollers are set permanently within a 1.5″ deep wood frame. It can be hung in any direction or orientation, as it is open on the front and back and lacks hardware hangers. Rollers can also be turned without removing from the wall, and the depth of the frame allows it to sit free-standing on a surface.

The idea is to repeat the Roller Disco form with different image making techniques. On the horizon: Lakeshore Roller Disco. A variation made using an image transfer process.

In a physical sense, this project continues themes I’ve been interested in for a long time. The interaction of the viewer, and the interpretive factor that the viewer brings to the artwork. I’m looking forward to exploring this further in different forms, with variations on each.

One thought on “Please touch the art.

  1. Just wonderful and playful…I thought of a name Rick, “Attractive Nuance” (a play on legal term “Attractive Nusance” —a term I love because it’s that attracts, distracts, entices, lures, teases, (as in teasing out something) that I imagine is a form of playful and fun bordering on manipulation of vision —almost impish and trickery if it’s keant to turn someone’s attention from the mundane to the sublime but always harmless…to make people take a second look…Leave their comfort zone.


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